Dave Miller - Bass - Vocals 


 I’ve always had an interest in music from an early age. My parents used to sing in the church choir and I would sing harmonies with the choir from my pew. I took piano lessons briefly when I was about 7 years old from our pastor’s wife. When they moved on the lessons stopped. I learned to play bass on a 6-string Kay guitar (with two strings broken off) that we had at the house and started playing  tuba in Junior high school and high school . I joined my first band called ‘Creative Process’ at age 14.  As the years went on, the bands changed. I played in several local bands such as ‘Flavor’, ‘Miller’s Hometown Band’, ‘Virgil Kane’, ‘BlueStone’ and ‘The Mojo Shiver’.
  In June of 2009, my wife Mary Ann and I went to hear my great-nephew Kyle’s new band ‘Back Country Roads’ at a local pub. Two days later, I was approached by Brian to see if I would ‘help out’ the band on bass. I agreed and the rest is modern history. The band has built a large fan base in the Northern Illinois area and we always have a great time with our fans at our shows.
  This is the first Country band I’ve ever been in and I’m having a blast !! 





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